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University of Oregon deep dive!

April 26, 2021

Track and field recruiting starts with examining Colleges and finding the right fit for yourself both athletically and academically. Both in combination are vital during the college recruiting process, and finding the perfect track and field programs that fit both elements should take the utmost priority for athletes and their families when assessing options.

One crucial element through the track and field recruiting process is examining the College facilities. The reason it is important? You will be spending the next four years training and competing at those facilities. You need to make sure you go there motivated and feel that everything you need as an athlete is covered by what the college offers.

Today, we are going through the University of Oregon’s facilities. Firstly, if you are a student looking to apply to the University of Oregon in the hope of competing on the track and field team there are a few things you require in order to do so.

Scholarships and the average cost of attendance.

Applying to the University of Oregon to compete on the track and field team, you have to hit the minimum D1 recruiting standard marks to be in with a chance of receiving athletic scholarship money.

For a 100m sprinter, we are looking at around 10.41s for a full scholarship.

The average cost of attendance at the University of Oregon is $28,764 for in-State students or $52,659 for out-of-state students.

Hayward Field history.

Distance runner Bill Dellinger (left) and Jim Bailey running at Hayward Field.

The high standards set by top Division 1 schools to receive full scholarships is reflected in the facilities they have available for their college athletes.

Hayward Field is one of the most iconic and historic Collegiate venues in the US. It opened in 1919 for football, before opening the track and field facilities in 1921.

In 1962, Hayward Field hosted the NCAA Championships for the first time, which put the school into the history books as the men’s team went on to win their first Championship with 85 points.

Since the school has gone on to win 32 championships and has had four of its head coaches inducted into the USTFCCCA hall of fame. We did mention a school steeped in history…Right?

Hayward Field today.

Hayward Field spectator view from inside the stadium.
Image via @OregonTF

The great history and sporting philosophy have led to the $270 million investment into the renovation of Hayward Field as they look to continue hosting NCAA Championship finals, alongside, the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

Choosing the track and field programme at Oregon will provide a college athlete with a host of modern performance features designed to get the best out of college athletes.

Performance features include;

  • Indoor track and outdoor track facilities.
  • Modern men’s and women’s locker rooms
  • An equipment room, a video room, and a weight room
  • The indoor practice area includes a six-lane, 140-meter straightaway, as well as areas for long jump, triple jump, throws (surrounded by netting), and pole vault
  • Facilities for training and sports medicine
  • A hydrotherapy room, treatment and rehab area, anti-gravity treadmill room and passive and active recovery spaces
Ariel view of Hayward field depicting the openness and green space surrounding area.
via @OregonTF

The new renovation of Hayward field was designed to create an open and airy feel to the stadium. Unifying the stadium with the surrounding green landscape, all whilst incorporating an iconic roof design to amplify the voice of the fans in the stand.

Choosing to compete at Hayward Field is perfect for an athlete looking to embrace passionate track and field fans that want to cheer on their team.

University of Oregon and Nike.

University of Oregon training facilities.
Image via @OregonTF

Not sold yet?

The University of Oregon in 2017 reportedly signed an 11-year deal with Nike worth roughly $88 million.

What does that mean for an athlete? Well…You will be kitted out with the best Nike apparel for the duration of your studies. From spikes to t-shirts, to walk on shoes. You will be covered with all your apparel needs thanks to Nike’s partnership with Oregon.

Students looking to apply to Oregon will be joining one of the best college track and field teams in the country. Currently, USTFCCCA ranks the men’s team sixth in the country, and the women 13th respectively.

Track and field recruiting.

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