Scotland Athletics sprinter – Christmas, America, and training.

December 16, 2020

RightTrack’s festive interviews begin with Scotland Athletics 200m sprinter Lauren Greig, who is currently attending Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 

Greig joined the RightTrack family in February 2019, and by Autumn 2020 she was training across the pond in Philadelphia. The gifted sprinter joined the team having achieved a semi-finals place at the Commonwealth Youth Games, finishing 3rd at the England Championships in the U17 age group, as well as winning the Scottish Championships at U17. 

Here’s a Christmas interview with the young athlete! 

What is the best part of being a student-athlete at Christmas time?

I think the best part of being a student-athlete at Christmas is the family feel to it. I came home early but I’ve been facetiming everyone from over there nonstop and it just feels like I have another family over there. The team is really close and if covid-19 wasn’t a thing they usually have team dinners etc, so fingers crossed for a team Christmas dinner next year!

What is the biggest cultural difference being an athlete in America?

The biggest cultural difference for me was definitely the language. I found myself talking about ‘physio’ and ‘trainers’ (meaning shoes) and even the word training they don’t always understand. My first few weeks there I had to slow down my talking and really make sure I used the correct works like ‘athletic trainer’ and ‘sneakers’ because otherwise the conversation was going nowhere. I love everyone nonetheless, but I still sometimes see the classic smile and nod and realise they have no idea what I said. And of course I can’t forget, they don’t use kettles????

What holiday tradition do you look forward to the most?

My favourite holiday tradition will ALWAYS be Christmas. The lights, Christmas movies and music, and the way it brings families together. Everything is just so happy at that time. No matter where I am it will always be my favourite!

What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?

 Ohhhhhh my favourite part of Christmas dinner….call me boring but I LOVE the roasties, covered in gravy oh yes that’s for sure the best part!

How do you balance Christmas and training?

  I think if you enjoy training enough then there isn’t an issue balancing it. I have always taken Christmas day off but the days around it I always train. Facilities might be shut but there’s always a way to get a run or some circuits done, and I really enjoy that. The only issue is the full stomach because balancing the diet at Christmas time?? Now that is a challenge!

Do you listen to Christmas songs whilst training?

 I wish I could say training was that easy going that I could! But no ahahah. I listen to Christmas music pretty much any other time of the day, unfortunately while training I need something a little more motivating. I wish I could though!

What is always on your Christmas list?

I don’t really ever have a Christmas list, but if I had one thing always on there, and this may sound weird but go with me, it is that my dad HAS to wear this 2 dressing down on Christmas morning. When we were children, Christmas morning was the 1 time a year where my dad wore his dressing gown down to breakfast, and so if he doesn’t do that now, it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

What is the most memorable gift you have received or given?

The most memorable gift I have received was probably when my parents gave me a MacBook. Not for the price, just because I knew how hard they worked to give me it and I never thought I would be getting one, so I didn’t even ask, they just asked my sister etc and found out. So, the effort that went into that gift made me so happy.

What is your New Years’ resolution?

Stop eating ice! Strange but trust me, I eat ice wayyyy to much and it just has to stop ahahah.

Use one sporting moment in history that best sums up how you feel about Christmas?

The moment I realized I got the qualifying time for Commonwealth Youth Games; I was so happy and just wanted to find my family and hug them. That is pretty much how I feel every Christmas