Festive greetings from director Sarah Abrams

December 23, 2020

Welsh athletics long jumper, RightTrack Director, and final year Med student Sarah is up next for our festive round interviews.

The 2020 Welsh indoor champion attended Harvard University for their Bachelor’s degree, gaining high honors in Human Evolutionary Biology; Mind Brain and Behaviour, as well as competing for the Varsity track and field team. 

Alongside final year med school, Abrams currently assists student-athletes through the US College recruitment process, developing and producing educational materials to help support athletes through the application process so that all students on board at RightTrack have the best possible chance of gaining a place at their dream College.

Let’s see what Sarah is up to this festive period!

What is the best part of being a student-athlete at Christmas time?

Getting back to college early in January and starting J term. Only athletes in season are on campus before the start of the semester. There’s no work to worry about (yet), and the dining halls are empty! 

What is the biggest cultural difference being an athlete in America?

College sport is a proper thing. I remember showing up to my first basketball game and expecting 15-20 people to be watching. There were 2000 spectators in the gym, most of whom had paid to watch. And that’s small compared to many colleges. College sport is MAD.

What holiday tradition do you look forward to the most?

My family does a quiz each year – we all bring a round of questions. My brother always wins but it’s the taking part that counts!!

What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?

Pigs in blankets and brussels sprouts, DUH.

I also made a Christmas pudding a few weeks ago, which is maturing away in the cupboard. Excited to try it!

How do you balance Christmas and training?

The group normally train on Christmas Eve – we have a fun session with lots of testing, games, and healthy competition. Always my favourite session of the year. It’s also nice training through the Christmas period because we can train during the day, which is much better than our usual 7-10pm!

I always train on Christmas day – I normally drag my brothers out to run hills with me in the morning. It makes Christmas dinner even tastier!

Do you listen to Christmas songs whilst training?

Can’t say I do but I love listening to Magic Radio and they are 100% Christmas right now so that’s what I’m blasting to and from training. 

What is always on your Christmas list?

Chocolate. No question. And happiness, of course!!

What is the most memorable gift you have received or given?

When I was 9 I got a Groovy Chick razor scooter and I thought I was the COOLEST kid ever (I was).

What is your New Years’ resolution?

To stop using Sainsbury’s bags as a purse and start using my actual handbag. If you know you know…

Use one sporting moment in history that best sums up how you feel about Christmas?

Keni Harrison breaking the WR at London, not realising, then turning around to see it on the big screen. Iconic.