A pole vaulter’s Christmas

December 21, 2020

Christmas celebrations continue at RightTrack with pole vaulter Lois Warden.

Warden is currently attending Bryant University located in Rhode Island studying Politics and Law whilst competing in the pole vault. The vaulter was previously Scottish U17 champion in 2018 and marked a PB of 3.60m prior to making the move across the pond.

In 2019 Warden continued fine form, taking 4th at the New Balance EnglishSchools’ Championships and 8th at the U20 England Championships.

Let’s hear what she is up to this festive period!

What is the best part of being a student-athlete at Christmas time?

The best part about being a student-athlete at Christmas time is I can always rely on my teammates to make me feel at home and my coaches to make sure I am feeling in the Christmas spirit as well as also having a second family in case I can’t get back because of the covid restrictions. Without my track family, I would’ve been stuck on my own!

What is the biggest cultural difference being an athlete in America?

I adjusted fairly quickly but the food is a big change. You go from having to make or cook things for yourself or what’s in the house to having everything in front of you. You have to adjust to that style of living and try and eat what’s best for your sport. Not only that but also getting used to the school and education system is new but it’s a fun adjustment and I found it easier than s school in the UK.

What holiday tradition do you look forward to the most?

I have only had one thanksgiving here so far but I absolutely loved it so definitely thanksgiving with my friends!

What is your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?

I love Yorkshire pudding and stuffing the most.

How do you balance Christmas and training?

I work hard leading up to Christmas and then take a couple of days off at Christmas. Working hard and being vigilant up to Christmas allows me to have a couple of days off to spend with my family and friends without feeling like I’m going to reverse any of my hard work. It’s important to stay dedicated but also have fun and enjoy yourself as well

Do you listen to Christmas songs whilst training?

I do not. I have to have some drum and bass or hardcore mixes playing to get into the workout!

What is always on your Christmas list?

PJs and fluffy socks!

What is the most memorable gift you have received or given?

I would probably say although it is so minor I love to take baths and I got a bath table so I can watch tv and have a cuppa in the bath 😂

What is your New Years’ resolution?

my New Years resolution is to eat a little healthier and stop eating after a certain time in the evening. I think that’ll really help benefit what I’m working towards as an athlete.

Use one sporting moment in history that best sums up how you feel about Christmas?

I don’t have one 😂😂